Amid increasing demand, CT colleges in arms race to add cybersecurity programs, faculty

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With thousands of cybersecurity job openings around the state — and entry-level positions that can command a six-figure starting salary — training the next generation of security engineers is a key challenge for Connecticut.

Colleges around the state say the fast-changing curriculum, difficulty of retaining expert faculty, importance of linking closely to industry, and looming challenge of AI make cybersecurity one of the most dynamic fields in education right now.

Another challenge is the ever-widening circle of people who need to be trained in combating cyberattacks.

Benjamin Fuller

“It’s ​not ​going ​to ​be ​good ​enough ​for ​there ​to ​be 10% ​or ​15% ​of ​computer ​scientists ​who ​fix ​everybody ​else’s ​problems,” said Benjamin Fuller, an associate professor in the computer science department at the University of Connecticut.

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