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 AI Workshop 2023


November 3, 2023

1:00 pm – 5:15 pm

Location: Innovation Partnership Building Room 317, 3rd Floor

A reception will be held in the IPB lobby following the workshop.

Rise of the Machines: Challenges and Opportunities for AI in Industry

Artificial intelligence is experiencing an unprecedented growth, with successes in domains such as autonomous driving, fraud detection, search engines, smart manufacturing, medicine, marketing, and natural language understanding. Across industrial sectors, AI-based technologies are becoming essential to drive innovation in the next generation of supply chains and products.

This workshop will provide a whirlwind tour of how new technologies such as large language models (powering, e.g., ChatGPT) work, how they will change the landscape of industry, and how to approach the adoption of disruptive technologies. With speakers from industry and academia, this workshop should be informative, thrilling, and brimming with insights related to AI’s rise within industry.